Calling Features

Simplify your life with our easy to use Custom Calling Features. Here are just a few of our most popular features. Custom Calling Features are simple to use and many of these are included in our packages.

Caller ID (Number only or Name and Number – Keep your life on track as you review the name and number of most incoming calls before you decide to answer. All you need is a caller ID display phone or a simple caller ID box.

3-Way Calling: Simplify your life! Arrange your business, community and school plans with one call rather than two! Talk to two different people in two different locations at one time.

Caller ID with Call Waiting: Don’t miss important calls, use call waiting alone or with Caller ID and see who’s trying to reach you while you’re on the other line.

Call Forwarding: Can’t afford to miss a call or need to stay in touch all the time? Just activate Call Forwarding and your calls follow you – simply designate a forwarding number and you’ll never miss a call.

Automatic Recall: Can’t get to the phone in time? Use *69 automatic call back and the last incoming call is called back easily.

Teen Line: Use this distinctive ring feature for a fax machine or for a specific family member who receives numerous calls.  No more feeling like you’re the answering service for someone else!

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