Internet Services

RGTC offers customers a variety of Internet options to give the greatest access and fastest speeds possible in our rural community.

High-Speed Internet is here! And nobody does it better than your cooperative! Personalized service and fast connections mean down right convenience for you and the whole family.

Choose high-speed Internet and reach the world with a click of the mouse. Our high-speed Internet is up to twenty times faster than dial up.

Always on – No dialing No waiting.

Talk on the phone while surfing the Internet.

There’s just no reason not to have it for your home or business.

  • Reminisce about the “big one” that got away or about memorable anniversaries and birthdays
  • Swap photos of life’s unforgettable moments
  • Expand your knowledge about a favorite subject
  • Enjoy music of all kinds
  • Plan that dream vacation
  • Shop for the latest bargains

$ 44.95 per month 1Mbps Download speed.
* Pricing applies for landline telephone customers only.

Pricing includes the required modem.

$70.00 installation charge.

SAVE Up to 30% when you buy High-speed Internet in one of our packages.
Check out our Total Service Packages and get free installation and great monthly savings.

Our standard Internet service includes:

  • 1 Mbps downstream/256K upstream. Individual speeds may vary
  • 5 E-mail addresses and mailboxes. Additional E-mail addresses are $2.00/month.
  • Junk Mail protection with Spam Filter Manager.
  • 2.5 Mbps personal home page.
  • Your E-mail address is (your login-name) and your home page address is located at login-name).
  • 10 Mbps for E-mail by login name.
  •  Your computer needs a Network Interface Card (10Base-T or 10/100 BaseT).

Need more speed? 3 MB and beyond! For information call the office 537-2461 or dial 611 on your RGTC phone.

Toll Free Trouble Number: 536-HELP, 537-HELP, 538-HELP, 624-HELP, 735-HELP